The active contributions by notable Nollywood veterans,plays a major key role in advancement of the industry and without them there won’t be a platform for film production by now.

The modern film and video production in Nigeria started from the thinking and marketing strategy from one man- Kenneth Nnebue of NEK VIDEOS LINKS when he shot his first home video tittled “Living in bondage” in 1992-1993.

Marketed and distributed it directly to the public via VHS cassettes.That single effort is what millions of Nigerians both home and abroad are benefitting in entertainment and earnings.

But what about the veterans?
Nollywood has lost a hand full of vets through sudden deaths. Ken Egbunna – Director, J. T Tom West- Actor/Director, Chris Erakpotobor- Actor, Sam Loco Efe- Actor, Enebelli Elebuwa- Actor, Justice Esiri- Actor, Ifeanyi Onyeabor- Director. And many others.
Causes of deaths vary but mostly due to lack of medi- care and good rest.
In nollywood actors and crew work under intense pressure to achieve the shoot in couple of days, lack proper rests, lack of good welfare on set and which sometimes causes breakdown completely.

When the pressure is too much, health will deteriorate.Meanwhile Executive producers earn all the monies with no consideration for Royalties for our top actors and crew.

This should stop.
The Guilds of Nollywood as a matter of urgency look into this and meet the Executive Producers and managements of production companies with the aim of securing royalties’ payments to actors and crew in titles they are involved with.
Actors, Crew and
Families need to benefit from the hard work in form of pension and also in case of sudden death or incapacitation.
A very painful case is Ifeanyi Onyeabor. He was one of the Directors that established film and video shoot in Ghana, called Ghollywood.
He gave inspiration to hundreds of film makers in Jos, Plateau state, and many others.
He was indeed a very big man.
I wonder if there are royalties his family will benefit from now that he’s gone.
Nollywood leaders should stop waiting for solutions, they should go for the solutions including meeting politicians in the Senate and relevant Govt officials of our sector.

Drastic steps has to be taken so that we can chat a brighter cause for film production in future for the benefits of all.

Henry Ejeta