Years ago , Phenom broke into the Nigerian entertainment scene with his unique rap style and everyone fell in love with him . Although he was signed on to the defunct Knight House record label, that did not stop other record label owners like Wizkid , Olamide and MI to try to sign the young lad .

Sadly, years down the line, nothing has been heard of the young man , who told Saturday Beats that he quit music after his contract expired . He admitted that he probably would have been one of the most sought- after rap artistes if he had accepted some of those offers , but added that he had no regrets for being loyal to his previous record label.

He said , “When Wizkid told me about signing me to his record label, Starboy , I was with a record label then, Knight House. I think loyalty is very key and I cannot leave where I am because of greener pastures . It does not work like that . It is just like a marriage; just because you see a finer lady tomorrow does not mean that you should abandon your wife .

“ There is enough space in the sky for all birds to fly. That Wizkid is doing very well now does not mean that I would not succeed in my career . There is no competition between us . Being on Wizkid record label would have been a great platform for me but what is mine would get to me .

“I have no regrets not signing with Wizkid. I had a contract with Knight House ; I made sure that I fulfilled my obligation despite how tough things were there . Mo ’ Cheddah was with them as well but she left at a point . It was really tough for me from the beginning of my contract till when it ended because I was on my own .

“There were no videos for our hit songs because there was no fund. I had several record labels that approached me and at a point , I had a deal worth over N 100m , but I turned it down . While growing up , my mother always told me that loyalty was important in life . It was not only Wizkid that wanted me on his record label; Olamide ’s record also . There were a lot of deals that I turned down ; not because I did not want to seek greener pastures , but loyalty meant a lot to me. My decision affected my career adversely, but I am sure that in the long run , it would pay off and I would not regret it . I am not hungry; I am not moved by material things. I am very happy for Olamide and Wizkid, but at the end of the day , it only takes one song for someone to be big again. I just need to be more hard -working .”
Now signed on to Trick Billionaire MusiQ, the rap artiste said that he would give other rappers a run for their money .

“At a point , I quit music but the owner of this record label, Prince Usinefe, has always been a friend. I only told him about an investment and he approached me with a recording deal .

“He insisted that I join his record label and I eventually agreed. The record label used to be known as Kash Kamp Trick Billionaire MusiQ but it has rebranded and changed its name to Trick Billionaire MusiQ . This change and rebranding came weeks after we parted ways with Yung 6 ix ,” he said .

Phenom, a young Nigerian hip- hop artist , who was born to a banker father and a policewoman, fell in love with rap music when he was 12 years old . He now joins other acts on the label that include Percy, LK Kuddy , She Officiall, B Raiz and Sean Dennis .