The Oluwo of Iwoland,
HRM Oba Abdulrosheed Adewale Akanbi Telu I , has threatened to arrest parents of any Fulani children rearing animals during the school hours, urging them to alternate cattle rearing with quality education.

Oluwo further condemned the illiteracy level and complacency of most herdsmen in Nigeria , saying such are indices of bleak future.

Oluwo rebuked the illiteracy among the Fulanis as alarming, charging them to alter the unlettered stereotype associated with herdsmen through formal education as exemplified by president Buhari.

Oba Akanbi made the admonition during his scheduled visit to Nomadic Primary School in Fulani dominated remote village, Aare Alaasa, Iwo local government area of Osun State where one of his High Chiefs is the headmaster. He described most Fulanis`s disposition towards education as destroying, pointing education as the best legacy a responsible parents can will to their respective children.

Oluwo lamented the attitude of the Fulanis towards education as regrettable, adding that a society without education is doomed and an incessant victim of abject poverty, reiterating that the situation of the country calls for investment in children education to break poverty chain.

Addressing the Fulanis, the monarch appealed to them to lubricate government’s investment in promotion of education by releasing their children for academic classes instead of spending hours in the bush rearing cattles. He added the Fulani female children should also be redirect to formal education rather than hawking cow milk.

Oba Akanbi however challenged them to emulate the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, President Muhammad Buahri as a proud product of Fulani, who rose to become the number one citizen of Nigeria through education. Oluwo further disclosed the reward of education as the sweetest and most rewarding investment in modern society and appealed to the Fulanis in the country to redirect their orientation.

Buhari is the president of Nigeria today and he is your son. His education is the crucial certificate that earned him the echelon. Education is the first certificate to greater height. You must learn from him as a role model and that is enough to convince a responsible parent. Fulanis will be more productive in deciding the fate of Nigeria should they priories education more

I came here purposely because of the Fulanis to orientate them. You have turned all your children to herdsmen. Buhari is a Fulani and became president of Nigeria. So, let your children go to school so as to liberate you in the future. Things are evolving and with time, herding will go into extinction. There is no cattle rearing in developed countries, it has been modernised and that is gradually extending to Nigeria. If you educate them, they will promote, protect and feed you tomorrow. The best legacy you can give to your children is education.

Modernization is eroding archaic practices. Very soon, there will be no cattle rearing because hay and other cattle foods will be made available in a ranch.

Extend the message to your colleagues all over Nigeria. I want Fulanis in my domain to become lawyers, engineers, medical doctors, president, astronaut, governor and so on. Your children should halt rearing animal, they should alternate with quality education

The future of infants rearing cattle is bleak, doom and not promissory. I will not tolerate such in my territory and I implore other traditional rulers, stakeholders, government, Non Governmental Organization to complement by lending a helping hand capable of redeeming peoples` lives for better.

The monarch therefore lauded the government of State of Osun for their commitment to promoting quality education by extending school structures to remote environment for the accessibility of the dwellers.

Oba Akanbi added his target as a paramount ruler is to redeem all Nigerians positively irrespective of their tribe. He said he has taken the preaching to the prison, hospital and villages to install hope through quality education.