Night life entrepreneur Shina Peter has announced that his popular Quilox has been closed temporarily. Peller who just celebrated his 40th birthday spoke to Hip TV about why he is closing the doors of Quilox for the main time.

According to him Quilox normally shuts down one month in a year normally during the Ramadan period. The annual Islamic month of fasting would soon start and will last for a month.

In the interview he also stated that “we need to go back to the drawing board.” Peller means that during this period the management of Quilox will be thinking of new ideas and concepts to implement when they come back from the break.

In the month of May, Shina Peller held a four-day celebration to mark his 40th birthday. The events organized to celebrate his birthday included a novelty match, charity donation, an all star party at Quilox and an exclusive dinner party at Intercontinental Hotel in Victoria Island.

In January, Shina Peller was on the cover of Quilox 365 an annual magazine for his group of companies. “ I am elated to start this journey. There are many entrepreneurs and business venture that have waited for an opportunity to share their story.  We are finally here on our own terms. It is a wonderful thing.” Shina Peller, CEO Quilox Group revealed about the magazine.

The yearly magazine carries all the moments from nightlife all round the year with exclusive peek at events and gold members.