In what seems to be a deliberate attack on his personality and his brand,Uche Mbabane Williams has been accused of fraud by a Young man named Mr .Edafe Okporo.This has generated so many conversations on social media as some people cast aspersions on Uche William,this made him to release this official Statement to address the issue.

With this statement I would like to clarify certain points regarding my involvement with the Youth Assembly:

1). First of all, my intention in recruiting delegates from Nigeria has always been to provide our youth with exposure to the Youth Assembly, it’s amazing program, the Sustainable Development Goals and to enable our youth to get involved and provide them with the tools to tackle these crucial global issues. As an artist with a following of over 1.4 million people my intention has been to inspire the youth.

Uche at United Nation

2) Fortunately for me, my career, endorsement , brand ambassadorship and contracts has allowed me to be in a very stable financial position ; therefore I don’t have a financial incentive to make money on delegates that I recruit. I decided not to put any of external business on social media as I was thought not to which has made a lot of people wonder how I make my money(I have documents and bank transactions with my clients to back this up) In the contrary, I do this because I’m passionate with the Sustainable Development Goals and for me it’s imperative to get our youth involved as our future depends on it.

3). I have brought Nigerian groups to the Youth Assembly for years back as a group leader representing the youth of Nigeria. I offer a package at an additional costs that includes many other services besides the registration fees. Services include visa appointment support, preparation for the visa interview, staff and logistical support; It is impossible for me not to charge an additional fee for these services and it’s intention is to make the process easier for those youth that need support in the process. However, I have always made it clear to our prospective delegates that they can apply directly through the FAF website if they prefer to simply register with no additional support on my part. Also note that the role of group leaders is not the same as YA Ambassadors. The YA Ambassadors program is a new initiative by FAF that is geared towards college students. I would not qualify for it given that I’m not a college student. However this does not mean that only YA Ambassadors can recruit delegates. Many group leaders like myself can also recruit potential delegates and we take on our own marketing methods that best fit our target audience. As a group leader in Nigeria, I have taken the initiative to have a solid recruiting strategy to attract potential delegates. All group leaders around the world are able to do this and it’s something that I have done for several years now even before the YA Ambassadors initiative was created 2 years ago. For the past several years I have been the Nigerian Youth Representative leading Nigerian Youth to participate in the Youth Assembly in New York that has always been held at the United Nations Headquarters even though this is not an official title given by FAF to any group leaders as there several group leaders from part of the world. This has been part of my coordination strategy and I apologize if this has created confusion. Anybody interested in confirming that I have been a group leader for several years can send an email to

4). The Youth Assembly has taken place at the United Nations since 2004. However this has changed over the last editions due to logistical limitations in organizing such a large event at the UN. As a result, the Youth Assembly has explored other venue options but has remained committed in its work towards the Sustainable Development Goals. I apologize if I did not made this clearer in past communications but will make the appropriate corrections in future communications. Also the Youth Assembly has never claimed to be a program run by the United Nations. The YA website clearly indicates that the Youth Assembly is organized by Friendship Ambassadors Foundation, not by any other entities.

5). I have spoken to Mr. Edafe Okporo as you are already aware by his recent posts. There was a big misunderstanding and those things have been cleared out.

I hope that this statement clears things up. Please keep in mind that my goal has always been to promote the Sustainable Development Goals and to provide our youth in Nigeria with the opportunity to learn of these crucial global issues and to provide them with exposure to the Youth Assembly which does a great job in informing the youth and encouraging them to get involved in these pressing issues, improve their lives, their communities and to increase our odds of saving our planet.